Asphalt Concrete Plant

asphalt batching mixing plant for saleLUTON asphalt concrete plant, with an output of 10 t/h to 320 t/h, is applicable to all sorts of road construction projects.

39% higher of the efficiency and 20% lower of the cost than our counterparts, LUTON asphalt concrete mixing plant is your top priority.

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Batch Hot Mix Plant

LUTON batch type asphalt concrete plant, less heat loss and less waste material, is able to manufacture excellent finished products for high grade road construction projects and municipal road pavement projects.

stationary batch hot mix plant
Batch Type Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
ModelLB500 ~ 4000; YLB800 ~ 2000
Output (t/h)40 ~ 320
Bitumen Metering Hopper (kg)100 ~ 500
Mixer Capacity (kg)500 ~ 4000
Dryer Capacity (t/h)60 ~ 360

Continuous Drum Asphalt Plant

Portable structure and simple components, LUTON continuous drum asphalt concrete plant is portable whether in a stationary or in a mobile form.

continuous type asphalt mixing plant
Mobile Drum Asphalt Plant
ModelLTD 20 ~ 80
Output (t/h)20 ~ 80
Cold Aggregate Feeding System3.5 m3 ~ 4 m3
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin (t)3 ~ 7
Asphalt Tank (t)10 ~ 30
Control Room (m)2.2 ~ 3

Small Ready Mix Asphalt Plant

An output of 10 t/h to 30 t/h makes the small HMA asphalt plant fast installation, flexible movement and low cost.

small asphalt hot mix plant
Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant
ModelLTS 10 ~ 30
Output (t/h)10 ~ 30
Cold Aggregate Feeding System3.5 m3
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin (t)3
Asphalt Tank (t)10 ~ 20
Control Room (m)2.2

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LUTON Group ensures all export standards are met and has been awarded various certificates and patents like the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, CE, BV certificates.

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How LUTON Is Highly Praised?

“The price is to my liking and the machine is quiet solid and durable. Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to operate.”

– Suparman Sudirman Kurniawan from Indonesia

“We have to say when we ordered LUTON machines, we was taking a bit of risk in that hardly equipment meets our production status. But LUTON asphalt batching plant worked like a charm. Smooth production, high quality finished products, compact structure. Everything impressed us.”

– Reece Maximilian Aniban Alférez from Philippines

Get LUTON Asphalt Plant Components

Aggregate Supply System

cold aggregate feed bin

LUTON cold aggregate supply system is composed of a set of aggregate feeder bin (4 containers usually, can be customized in according to your requirements.), a aggregate collecting belt (including horizontal belt conveyor and titled conveying belt.)

Burning and Drying System

mobile drum bitumen mixing plant

LUTON burning system includes a set of burning coal burner or oil burner. The drying system includes a drum dryer which is covered stainless steel to maintain the heat.

Dust Collecting System

baghouse dust catching system

Our dust collecting system covers a set of two cylinder cyclone dust collector and a set of baghouse filter.

Aggregate Lifting System

The aggregate lifting system helps lift the hot aggregates from rotary drum to vibrating screen, and our elevator includes NE50 chain style bucket elevator.

Vibrating System

Our vibrating screen adopts high frequency technology powered by multi motors, ensuring an accurate seizing.

Besides, the system can be designed with 4-6 layers.

Weighing System

LUTON weighing system includes a set of stone scale, a set of mineral scale or a set of asphalt scale.

Mixing System

asphalt plant mixer

A twin shaft horizontal mixer with strong mixing capacity and durable structure is included.

Its mixing capacity varies in relation to the plant output, from 40 t/h to 320 t/h.

Filling Material Supply System

The filling material supply system is composed of a cylinder vertical mineral silo and a spiral conveyor.

Bitumen Supply System

For the bitumen supply system, LUTON includes a 50 m3 asphalt tank with heating device, a 30 m3 asphalt tank with high temperature, a 5 m3 dump tank and a horizontal heat conducting oil system.

Finished Products Storage System

It is an optional equipment. LUTON has 3 types of finished product silos for you to choose from – side mounted ones, integrated ones and horizontal structure ones.

Our finished product storage system is coated with color steel tile and mineral wool. 

In addition, the discharging port is also heated by electric heating pipe to guarantee the heat preservation.

Get LUTON Asphalt Plant Equipment Types

Stationary Asphalt Concrete Plant

Stationary asphalt mixing plant needs laying foundations, suitable for fixed construction sites.

Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Mobile hot mix plant is a rather more portable asphalt mixing plant, suitable for moving plants from one sites to another sites.

Below are the similarities and differences between LUTON stationary hot mix plants and mobile blacktop plants.

Component NumbersNormalSeveral mobile chassis added
Price TagLowHigh
MaintenanceConvenientMore Convenient
SizeTakes up a large spaceLess occupancy
PortabilityFixedMovable from places to places easily
Distance from Work SitesFarNear
TransportationHardly moveConvenient with mobile chassis
Foundation LayingYesNo
Capacity10 t/h – 320 t/h, suitable for all sorts of projects10 t/h – 160 t/h, suitable for small and medium projects

How to Control the Asphalt Plant Dust Pollution?

1. Install 2 or more dust collecting machines. The most common type is cyclone dust collector and baghouse filter.

2. Clean the dryer burner more often. If the ratio of the air to fuel is unbalanced, the excessive exhaust gas and dust will be accumulated inside of the dryer burner, causing blocking or jam.

3. Try counter flow drum dryer. Counterflow asphalt mixing plant contributes to less heat loss and less dust production.

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