Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

small portable asphalt plants for saleLUTON has small portable asphalt plants for sale. The price is as low as $20,000.

Compact design, advanced technology and high quality asphalt concrete, LUTON small portable asphalt plants for sale are easy to transport and quick to install and dismantle.

Over 100 countries exported means LUTON is a reliable manufacturer to cooperate with.

Cut 30% of cost by buying LUTON small portable asphalt plants.

LUTON Small Portable Asphalt Plant for Mini Projects

Simple Batch Portable Bitumen Plants for Sale

Simple batching plant shows great portability and best quality asphalt mixture, improving 30% of the productivity.

Models: LTJ-10 ~ LTJ-40; LTJY-10 ~ LTJY-40

Output: 10 t/h ~ 40 t/h

Highlights: Small, Batch Feeding, Low Cost

Small Portable Bituminuous Plants for Sale

Small portable drum plant, with constant production, meets the requirement of large quantity of finished products in a short term.

Models: LTD-20 ~ LTJ-40; LTDY-20 ~ LTDY-40

Output: 20 t/h ~ 40 t/h

Highlights: Continuous, Drying and Mixing at the Same Time, Portable

Small Double Drum Portable Bitumen Mixing Plants for Sale

Small portable double drum hot mix plant produces less dust and waste, ensuring better quality finished products.

Models: LTS-10 ~ LTS-30; LTS-10 ~ LYS-30

Output: 10 t/h ~ 30 t/h

Highlights: Less Heat Loss, Counterflow Heating, Simple Structure

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LTD-40 Small Portable Batch Asphalt Production Plant Exported to Saudi Arabia

small portable blacktop mixing plant exporting to Saudi Arabia
LTD-40 sales to Saudi Arabia

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“We heard LUTON from one of our partners. As they said, LUTON provides first-class pre-sales and after-sales service, professional site design and installation, durable machines. Actually, it is! Amy is patient to talk with and has rich exporting knowledge. The technicians are expertised and LTD-40 we got works ultra smooth. Strongly recommended.”

LUTON Small Portable Tar Mixing Plant Components

Cold Aggregate Feeding Containers

LUTON cold aggregate feeding containers are built with 4 in group (usually 4 in one group, also can be customized conforming to the condition of your aggregates and your capacity).

Each container has a bin gate to control the specific amount of aggregates in keeping with the required proportion.

The dropping aggregates go down to the feeder belt, then through collecting belt (which speed and frequency are adjustable), and finally to the titled belt conveyor.


We have single drum and double drum for sale. 

Single drum in the continuous asphalt mixing plant aims to drying and mixing the cold aggregates, the mineral filler material and the bitumen.

The duty of the single drum in the asphalt batching plant is just drying the aggregates.

The double drum, as name implied, has 2 drums, one for drying and the other for mixing.

LUTON adopts the counterflow heating technology, guaranteeing the less heat loss and maximum drying. 

Dust Collector

There are 3 primary types of dust collecting system in LUTON Group, water filter, cyclone dust catcher and baghouse dust collector.

Among these, the water filter costs much in the long run. The upfront price of baghouse filter is relative high, but it is the most eco-friendly and deals with the dust in the most thorough way, saving the later maintenance cost.

Storage Silo

LUTON finished product storage system includes storage bins and finished product bucket elevator.

The elevator lifts the mixed asphalt concrete and the storage silo preserve the finished products temporarily.

Boost Your Business with LUTON Different Asphalt plant Types

LUTON has small portable batch asphalt plant, small portable drum ready mix plant and small portable double drum bitumen mixing plant for sale.

Small Portable Intermitent Asphalt Plant


LUTON small portable batching hot mix plant covers the production capacity of 10 t/h to 40 t/h

Featuring accurate weighing and screening system, the adjustable specification of each components, our small portable batching asphalt mixing plant is able to manufacture the highest quality finished products.

These machines are suitable for contractors who engage in high grade road construction projects, city and municipal road building.

Small Portable Drum Ready Mix Plant


The output of LUTON portable drum mixing plant is 20 ton to 40 ton per hour.

With simple structure and constant production, our drum mixing plant boasts quick installation, easy operation and convenient relocation.

Since the quality of finished products are not so excellent as batching type, these equipment fit for rural projects and work sites that require large amount of asphalt concrete in a very short time.

Small Portable Double Drum Bitumen Mixing Plant

mini double drum hot mixing plant for sale

The double drum asphalt plant is like the drum type. The only differences are capacity and drums.

Our small portable double drum asphalt plant has a capacity of 10 t/h to 30 t/h. And 2 drums of this plant act as dryer and mixer separately, which results in less waste and better quality finished products than the single continuous drum plant.

How Much Does a Small Portable Tar Mix Plant?

The price of LUTON small portable asphalt plant varies in line with the types, output, mixing capacity, component, etc.

Broadly speaking, our small portable asphalt plant price ranges from $20,000 and above.

The prices in order from the highest to the lowest (at the same yield) are small portable batch bitumen plant, the double drum tar mixing plant and mini portable continuous drum hot mix plant.

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