Double Drum Asphalt Plant

double drum asphalt mixing plant

LUTON double drum asphalt plant has the higher efficiency and a longer service life. Also it has the advantages such as low loss of heat and 95% dust removal. You deserve it at once!

Models: LTS 10~30, LYS 10~30

Prosper Your Business with LUTON Double Drum Asphalt Plant

Low Loss of Heat

The asphalt drum mixer does dry aggregates only. With the stainless steel structure and counter flow technology, it has the lower loss of heat.

Almost 0 Waste

The counter flow technology ensures enpough heat that the aggregates can be mixed in the drum to the utmost extent.

97% Dust Removal

The burner is at the opposite of the aggregate entrance. It means the burner flame makes the dust enkindled as the cold aggregates moving towards the burner. The remaining dust will be collected by the gravity filter and baghouse filter.

95% Filler Materials Are Useable

Most fillers are usezble to LUTON double drum bituminuous plant, including additives, rubber particles, lime, stone powder, etc.

Why LUTON Is Highly Praised?

“LUTON has 2 types of double drum asphalt plant on sale – stationary ones and mobile ones. Both are great and really suitable for our projects. We hesitated between the 2 but chose the stationary ones – LTS10, due to the limited budget.”

– Muhammad Zainuddin Hakimie from Malaysia

“LUTON double drum asphalt plant adopts technology as batching asphalt plant, which ensures a high quality finished product, even in a very small output.”

– Tirto Wibawa Indradjaja from Indonesia

Double Drum Asphalt Plant vs Single Drum Hot Mix Plant

Single drum asphalt plant is what we always said “continuous asphalt mixing plant“. The working process and components of the both plants are similar.

Below will discuss the similarities and differences between the two plants in detail.


Double drum hot mix plant is composed of feeding bins, conveyor belt, vibrating screen, drying drum, mixing drum, dust collecting system, bitumen tank.

The components of continuous type is similar as the double ones. The differences are that continuous asphalt plant has only one drum functioning as a dryer and mixer and a vibrating screen.

Heat Loss

Both plants have a well-controlled heat loss system.

The rotary drum is made of stainless steel and steel alloy, which contributes to the even heat expansion without abrasion.

In addition, LUTON drum and continuous asphalt plant adopts the heat-reduction counterflow technology. 

The Temperature of the Exhaust Emission

As for the double drum, the temperature of the aggregates in the drying drum is very high for fully mixing but that of exhaust gas is very low.

Production Capacity

Continuous asphalt plant has a higher output than the double drum hot mix plant.

  • Continuous asphalt plant, from 20 t/h to 80 t/h.
  • Double drum bitumen plant, from 10 t/h to 30 t/h.

The Baghouse Lifespan

The drum dryer flexibly regulates the temperature and hydrocarbon, the baghouse filter of LUTON double drum bituminuous mixing plant has a longer lifespan than the continuous ones.

Dust Collector

Both plants have optional dust catcher – water filter, cyclone filter and baghouse filter.


Due to the simple structure, the continuous asphalt plant has a lower price than the double drum types.

Double Drum Asphalt Plant in Favor of Your Business

1. Counter flow burner leads to a low exhaust temperature.

2. It still works even in a high speed wind in dryer drum.

3. It does no matter in waste gas emission when the most filler material is recycled asphalt.

4. Cost is low as cyclone dust collector can recycle the usable waste dust into the mixing drum.

5. Ensure the maximum heat of the aggregates and minimum loss of heat.

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