Asphalt Plant Drum Dryer

asphalt drum dryerHigh efficient, low consumption and less pollution, LUTON asphalt plant drum dryer is a great buy for contractors.

LUTON asphalt plant drum drying system is composed of drum dryer, combustion burner and fuel hopper.

Our drying drum also performs well in RAP mixing plant. Contact us for tailor-made solutions.


Asphalt Batching Plant
ModelsOutputDryer SizeDryer CapacityFuel Consumption
LB50040 t/hφ1.2m×5.2m60 t/h70-300kg/h
LB80060 t/hφ1.5m×6m80 t/h100-400kg/h
LB100080 t/hφ1.5m×6.7m100 t/h120-600kg/h
LB1200100 t/hφ1.65m×7m120 t/h150-1000kg/h
LB1500120 t/hφ1.8m×8m140 t/h150-1000kg/h
LB2000160 t/hφ2.2m×9m180 t/h150-1400kg/h
LB2500200 t/hφ2.6m×9m240 t/h180-1800kg/h
LB3000240 t/hφ2.6m×9.5m260 t/h180-1800kg/h
LB4000320 t/hφ2.8m×10.2m360 t/h260-2500kg/h
Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
ModelsOutputDryer SizeDryer CapacityBurnerFuel Consumption
LTD4040 t/hφ1.2m×5.2m40 – 60 t/h60-400kg/h6-7kg/t
LTD6060 t/hφ1.5m×6m60 – 80 t/h60-400kg/h6-7kg/t
LTD8080 t/hφ1.5m×6.6m80 – 100 t/h60-600kg/h6-7kg/t

Why Choose LUTON Asphalt Plant Drum Dryer?

1. Reasonable Structure

The drum rotating clockwise means to dry the materials while rotating anti-clockwise to discharge the hot asphalt mixture.

In addition, the roller, roller shaft, drum body are all made of durable and wear-resistant stainless steel, ensuring effective and smooth heating.

2. Convenient Transport

The unit is able to be mounted on the mobile chassis, therefore, it is time-saving to transport and install the drying drum.

3. Modular Design

Since our drum dryer is a independant unit, its maintenance and cleaning would be more convenient.

4. Multi-Purpose Burner

LUTON asphalt plant drum dryer is able to be powered by either heavy oil, coal, disel, or natural gas.

5. Excellent Heat Preservation Capacity

Our drum is coated with 50 mm thermal insulation layer. The layer, on the one hand, helps keep the heat and on the other hand, helps shorten the drum cooling time after production.

6. High Efficiency

The inner drum is deisgned with several geometric blades connected with bolts, used for lifting aggregates during drum rotation.

In addition, our burner, from time-honored Italian brand who is expert in manufacturing high efficiecy combustor, owns high ignition success rate and automatic temperature controlling system.

Thus, almost 0 heat loss and 30% higher working efficacy can be guaranteed, compared with the traditional design.

7. High Stability

The drum is driven by 4 friction wheels, and freely link, ensuring smooth, stable and even work.

8. Reputable Part

Our drying system is equipped with intelligent temperature control system from Honeywell, a famous US brand expert in temperature sensor.

Adding to that, we also adopt solid bearings, shafts and sealing system.

How to Choose the Right Rotary Drum?

1. Look at the Thermal Efficiency

Reduce the moisture content of cold aggregates are the most efficient way to increase thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

However, there is no way to control the water content of the virgin material before drum drying, to a large extent.

Then, drum drying becomes increasingly important.

To better remove mositure in the cold aggregates, you should pay much attention to the drum structure.

Firstly, there must be a thermal insulation layer covered on the drum body. Then, the stainless steel made structure performs well in keeping heat.

2. Look at the Structrure

The reasonable structure here refers to angled drum, shapes of blades and the drive wheels.

– The drum installed slantly is more convenient to discharge the dried material.

– Adding to that, you should also look at the material blade inside of the drum. In today’s market, the blades are designed with L shape, T shape, Z shape, geometric shape and so on.

To better lift the aggregates inside the rotary drum, undoutly, geometric-shaped blade does the best.

– Regarding to the drive ring, for stability, the drive wheels and roller shafts should be made from stainless steel or steel alloy. Then, the support roller driven by the friction of the polymer (from the motor and the gear unit) performs well for high stability and low noise.

3. Look at the Combustion Engine

Combustion engine is the cricial core of the burning system. A good burner could save you much cost on fuel consumption.

To ensure low exhaust emission, an engine from world famous brand never disappoint you.

Usually, Italian oil burner is a positive choice.

4. Look st the Sealing System

Ensure the drum dryer you buy has a good sealing in drying cylinder. A professional seal can largely reduce the heat loss, ensuring a more stable nature of the aggregates.

5. Look at the Draught System

It is better to buy a draught unit with an intelligent electric control system. In this way, it can control the air flow inside the drum in accordance with the material feeding conditions.