Batching Machine


cold aggregate feed bin

The aggregate batching machine is the first component of all plants used for feeding cold aggregates in different sizes and grades.

The cold aggregate supply system is composed of 2-4 hoppers and collecting belt.

Durable structure, wear-resistant cover, LUTON aggregate batching container is a great buy.

What Are the Functions?

1. Temporarily stores the cold aggregates.

2. Roughly weighs the aggregates in required proportion.

3. Transfer the aggregates to the rotary drum.

4. Feeds both coarse and fine particles.

Advantages of LUTON Batching Machine

1. Each hopper has a gate to regulate the flow of aggregates.

2. The collecting belt is fitted with frequency control device to change the transfer speed depending on the output and required ratio.

3. The chute discharging door helps the aggregates flow to the collecting belt smoothly.

4. Stainless steel structure makes sure long lifespan and scratch prevention.

5. It is supported to hold 3 or more kinds of virgin materials.

6. Our batching machines can be available for both drum asphalt plant and batching asphalt mixing plants.

7. Transfer the sand, stone, cement and other materials in a fast speed.

8. Easy operation via PLC control panel.

9. Compact design that saves your production area.

10. Our aggregate batching machine is authorized with CE, ISO, IAF and SGS certificates.

11. Able to custom the component according to your plant situation and requirements.

12. Automatically controlled.

13. Also can mount it on a chassis for more mobility.

14. Equipped with weight control apparatus and sensors for fair weighing.

15. Stabilized structure.


ModelOutputHopper CapacityCollect Belt Capacity
LB50040 t/h4 x 4.5 m360 t/h
LB80060 t/h4 x 6.5 m380 t/h
LB100080 t/h4 x 7.5 m3100 t/h
LB1200100 t/h4 x 7.5 m3120 t/h
LB1500120 t/h4 x 7.5 m3140 t/h
LB2000160 t/h5 x 12 m3200 t/h
LB2500200 t/h5 x 12 m3220 t/h
LB3000240 t/h5 x 12 m3280 t/h
LB4000320 t/h6 x 15 m3360 t/h

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