Drum Type Asphalt Mix Plant

As one of the two basic asphalt plants, the drum type asphalt mix plant is characterized by compact structure, convenient operation, rapid installation and relocation, relatively low cost, high productivity, etc. It is mainly used for small and medium-sized road construction and some remote mountain road construction projects that do not require high quality of finished asphalt mixture. Luton drum asphalt mix plant includes but is not limited to the following models: LTD20, LTD40, LTD60 and LTD80.


LTD20 drum bitumen mix plant

Model: LTD20

Capacity: 20m3/h

LTD40 drum hot mix plant

Model: LTD40

Capacity: 40m3/h

LTD60 drum asphalt mixing plant

Model: LTD60

Capacity: 60m3/h

LTD80 drum asphalt mix plant

Model: LTD80

Capacity: 80m3/h

The drum type asphalt mix plant is also known as the continuous asphalt mixing plant. Like the name implies, its production mode is uninterrupted. The production process of continuous drum mix plant is generally that each component (crushed stone, sand, stone powder, asphalt, etc.) is measured continuously and dynamically in proportion, and continuously fed and drum mixed, that is, continuous weighing – continuous feeding – continuous mixing – continuous discharging. The aggregate shall be measured before drying and heating. The drying, heating and mixing of cold aggregates are carried out in the same assembly (drying mixing drum).

Advantages of Drum Type Asphalt Mix Plant

drum asphalt mix plant
drum asphalt mix plant

The drum asphalt mix plant can manufacture asphalt mix continuously, and it saves some time and has a high production efficiency. And it is suitable for the job sites that need a large quantity of asphalt in a short time while the quality is not very high. Besides, the tar drum plant doesn’t include a mixing tower and hot aggregate elevator, which means it has a compact structure. So it has a low cost of maintenance and covers a small occupation area. To be more specific, it has the following characteristics:

It has a compact design and is convenient for transportation and relocation;

It has wide applicability duo to its small occupation area, it can be used for the remote mountainous areas and some narrow areas that the common asphalt mixing plant can’t pass easily;

Low initial investment and high return at the later stage;

Easy to maintain the drum asphalt mix plant because of compact structure;

It is a popular product among similar products because the drum asphalt mix plant has high production efficiency and can product mass finished asphalt concrete in a short time.

Structure of Drum Type Bitumen Mixing Plant

LUTON asphalt drum mix plant consists of the integrated aggregate feeding system, weighing system, conveying system, drying and mixing system, dust collecting system, final asphalt concrete storage system and PLC control system.

Aggregate Batching System: The system includes 3 to 6 aggregate feed bins which is decided by your projects and there are usually 4 cold bins for a job site.

Bitumen Supply System: There are usually 1 or 2 bitumen storage tanks. Heat conducting oil burner gets the bitumen melt and asphalt pump delivers them to the drum dyer.

Drying and Mixing System: The system is composed of a burner and drying drum. Together with the bitumen and other filler material, the cold aggregate is dried and mixed here.

Dust Catching System: The dust collecting system changes in accordance with the projects. Most of the drum mixing plant adopts water catcher. To help you better controlled the dust, LUTON provides a more eco-friendly method – cyclone dust collector and baghouse dust filter.

Finished Asphalt Concrete Silo: The finished silo is used to store the end asphalt concrete temporarily. Some job sites may also need a finished product elevator to lift the asphalt concrete to the silo.

Working Process

The flow meter and calibrated feed belt are used to measure liquid tar and cold aggregate to ensure that they enter the dryer drum in proportion. Then the aggregates are conveyed to rotary drum (function as dryer and mixer) where the aggregates are dried in first half section. Asphalt and fillers in specified proportion are conveyed to the other half of rotary drum and then them are mixed with dried aggregates. Last the finished asphalt mixture is discharged into the carrier vehicle or temporary storage silo.

inner structural picture of drum asphalt mix plant
inner structural picture of drum asphalt mix plant
working process of drum asphalt mix plant
working process of drum asphalt mix plant

The continuous drum asphalt mix plant is characterized by the asphalt covering process of aggregate in the drum.

The drum is also mounted on a slightly inclined plane. However, the burner is placed at the higher end of the drum where the aggregate enters. The dehumidification and heating process as well as the addition and mixing of hot asphalt and mineral powder (sometimes with additives or fibers) are completed in the drum. The finished asphalt mixture is transferred from the drum to the storage tank or transport vehicle.

Specifications of Drum Type Asphalt Mix Plant

In most daily construction projects, the construction party uses the mobile drum type asphalt mix plant, so the configuration of the drum asphalt mix plant in this article is subject to the mobile type, and the specific configuration table is as follows.

specification of drum type asphalt mix plant