Asphalt Mixer Machine

asphalt drum mixer for saleHomogenous and stable mixing, powerful mixing capacity and low consumption, LUTON asphalt mixer machine is a great buy for contractors who take part in asphalt manufacturing.

LUTON asphalt drum mixer is categorized as 2 types, drum mixer and twin shaft pugmill. Both mixer machines are excel at producing good quality hot asphalt mixture in an effective way.

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Different Types of Asphalt Mixer Machine

In the batching asphalt mixing plant, the twin shaft pugmill is used while the drum mixer is used in the continuous asphalt plant or drum hot mix plant.

Twin Shaft Asphalt Mixer

twin shaft asphalt mixer machine

Twin shaft asphalt mixer is designed with double helix, a long axis with short arm. Reasonable structure contriutes to the high efficacy and high stability of aggregate mixing.

ModelsOutputMixer CapacityMixing Cycle
LB50040 t/h500 kg45 seconds
LB80060 t/h800 kg45 seconds
LB100080 t/h1000 kg45 seconds
LB1200100 t/h1200 kg45 seconds
LB1500120 t/h1500 kg45 seconds
LB2000160 t/h2000 kg45 seconds
LB2500200 t/h2500 kg45 seconds
LB3000240 t/h3000 kg45 seconds
LB4000320 t/h4000 kg45 seconds

Drying and Mixing Drum

mobile drum mixer

Drum mixer in the drum type hot mix plant is a multifunctional machine. It is the rotary drum that heats and mixes aggregates at the same time. Thus, the fuel consumption is much lower, compared with batching type.

Output20 t/h40 t/h60 t/h80 t/h
Fuel Oil Power34 kW65 kW105 kW135 kW
Burning Coal Power40 kW75 kW120 kW165 kW
Asphalt Tank10 t20 t30 t30 t
Asphalt Temperature120-180 ℃120-180 ℃120-180 ℃120-180 ℃

What Does Asphalt Mixer Machine Work?

Below is the specific working principle of each type of the mixer machine in asphalt mixing plant.

1. Twin Shaft Pugmill

Twin shaft pugmill has a powerful and stronger mixing capacity and is the most widespread mixer type for batching type bituminous plant.

It works in a compulsory and mandatory way. After the aggregates, fine particles and bitumen are weighed through the weigh hopper, they flow to the pugmill. 

The materials are fully blended through the force of rotary shafts with double helix.

Once the materials are stirred evenly and homogeneously, the finished products are  discharged through the slanted discharging gate.

2. Drum Dryer and Mixer

To make the drying and mixing process efficient, LUTON rotary drum dryer and mixer is fitted with geometrically shaped blades.

The integrated burner which is able to be powered by diesel, heavy oil, natural gas or coal helps drive the rotary drum.

The aggregates are mixed through the inner blades, chain, and continuous motion.

For stability and smooth work, the drum is equipped with 4 wheels.

In addition, the drum rotates clockwise to dry aggregates and anti-clockwise for material discharging.

Regular Checklist

1. Check all the joints before operation, and lubricate if there is tigh friction.

2. Check if the drum mixer is flat-mounted.

3. Check the quality of the finished products during the production, in order to adjust parameters for exceptional hot asphalt mixture.

4. Check if there is jam before each use.

5. Check if there is residue after operation.