Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

bitumen hot mix plant for saleThe LUTON bitumen hot mix plant maximizes the production efficiency by at least 42% and decreases the budget by 20%.

Batch mixing and continuous mixing meets all sorts of asphalt mixture requirements.

Exceptional output, premium quality asphalt mixture, low cost, LUTON bitumen hot mix plant is worthy of buying, take action at once! 

LUTON Hot Mix Plants for Road Construction

Batch Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

Stable oil-stone ratio, exceptional hot asphalt mixture and all sorts of projects available lead to a high profit.

stationary portable asphalt batching plant for fixed job sites
mobile compact asphalt batching hot mix plants
ModelsLB500 ~ LB4000; YLB800 ~ YLB2000
Production Capacity (t/h)40 ~ 320
Hopper Capacity (m3)4 x 4.5 m3 ~ 6 x 15 m3
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h)60 ~ 360
Fuel Consumption (kg/h)70 ~ 2500
Vibrating Screen (Layer)4 ~ 6
Aggregate Metering Hopper (kg)500 ~ 4000
Mineral Flour Metering Hopper (kg)120 ~ 700
Mixer Capacity500 ~ 4000
Cycle Time (s)45
Bitumen Metering Hopper (kg)100 ~ 500
Dryer Capacity (t/h)60 ~ 360
Filter Area (m2)230 ~ 1350
Total Power (kW)170 ~ 865

Drum Type Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

Simplicity and modular design make drum bitumen hot mix plants easy to operate, convenient to maintain, fast to install.

continuous drum asphalt mixing plant
mobile drum hot mix machine to Afghan
ModelsLTD-20 ~ LTD-80; LTDY-20 ~ LTDY-80
Production Capacity (t/h)20 ~ 80
Fuel Power Total Power (kW)34 ~ 135
Fuel Coal Total Power (kW) 40 ~ 165
Aggregate Bin3.5 m3 x 1 ~ 6.5 m3 x 4
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin (t)3 ~ 7
Asphalt Temperature (℃)120 ~ 180
Fuel Oil Consumption (kg/t)5 ~ 7.5
Fuel Coal Consumption (kg/t) 13 ~ 15
Asphalt Tank (t)10 ~ 30
Control Room (m)2.2 ~ 3

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LUTON partners on asphalt mixing plant business

How LUTON Is Highly Praised?

“It works as well as the one from I love rentals but several rentals lead to too much cost. Now, I’m happy with the decision on purchase the new one. LTDY-20 I bought shows no signs of jam or breakdown. And so far, it’s already paid for itself.”

– Aldogan Langrial from Pakistan

“No issues, did a great job as it’s expected. Perfect for mixing gravels, sand and zeolites for our large road construction projects.”

– Dmytro Denysovych Romanyuk from Ukraine

Professional LUTON Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

There are 2 types of bitumen hot mix plants for sale now, bitumen batching plant and continuous hot mix plant.

Bitumen Batch Plant

small batching hot mix plant

Asphalt batch plants manufacture hot mixture in batches every 45 seconds and it’s the most widespread usage for road construction globally.

How Does It Work?

Compared with drum type, batching type bitumen hot plant includes more components, more process and is more stable in production, resulting in premium finished products for high grade road construction projects.

The cold aggregates are fed into the feeder bins and then transferred to the drum dryer, when the aggregates are heated.

Passing through the vibrating screen, the oversized aggregates are removed.

Hot aggregates with different size, then, are conveyed into the mixer in batches.

Together with the batches of bitumen and filler material, they get mixed.


1. Easily accessible to change parameters of each components in the control room makes batching asphalt plant ideal for contractors who receive large amount of clients simultaneously.

2. A capacity of 40 t/h to 320 t/h makes it suited for any scale of road construction projects.

3. Excellent quality finished product indicates the plant is suitable for civil and municipal road construction, high grade road job projects, and highway, main road construction.

Continuous Asphalt Plant

mini drum asphalt hot mix plant with mobile chassis

Continuous asphalt mixing plant, also named as drum type hot mix plant, has simpler components than batching types.

Differentiate from the batch asphalt mixing mode, the drum plants adopts non-interruption mixing and restless production.

How Does It Work?

The oversized cold aggregates are screened out in the cold aggregate hopper and the required size aggregates are conveyed to the drum where moisture is removed in the first part and aggregates, bitumen and filler material are mixed in the last part.

After heating and drying, the hot mixture is stored in the finished product silo or waiting for transportation to the on-sites.


1. The drum type asphalt plant is more suitable for low-level road construction. Due to the simplified working process and continuous manufacture, the quality of finished product is relative low compared with batching type.

2. Drum asphalt mixing plant is perfect for construction sites that are in need of large amount of finished products in the specified time.

3. The output ranges from 20 t/h to 80 t/h, suitable for small and medium scale road work sites.

LUTON Components for Bituminous Hot Mix Plant

The components varies depending on the different types of tar mixing plant. This section introduce the different types asphalt mixing plant parts in detail.

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Batching Hot Mix Plant

Feeding Containers

LUTON feeding containers are able to control the flow and the specified amount of cold aggregates in a batch.

Also, the speed of conveying these aggregates to the drum dryer is available.

Drum Dryer with Burner

There are 2 types of burners in LUTON, burner powered by burning coal and burner powered by oil fuel.

Select coal burner if you are in short budget as coal is rather cheaper.

Choose oil fuel burner if you go for much in environmental friendly.

As regard to the drum dryer from LUTON, our drum is designed with stainless steel insulation layer for fast and even thermal expansion, and 4 wheel drive system for stable and smooth performance.

Dust Collector

In the batching type hot mix plant, the dust catching system includes gravity filter/cyclone filter and baghouse filter.

The baghouse dust collector adopts high voltage pulse technology, guaranteeing the emission concentration below 20 mg/Nm3.

Batch Mix Tower

LUTON batch mix tower is mainly composed of vibrating scree, hot receptacles and mixer.

For better and more accurate screening, vibrating screen from LUTON builds with wear resistant stainless steel with a 65mn screen mesh (The mesh size is customized).

Hot receptacles is in a number of 4-6 in relation to the required aggregate size. The compartment walls are built with high-dense steel alloy, preventing miscellaneous aggregates.

Our mixer is equipped with double shafts and bidirectional spiral blade, ensuring high power blending.

Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Cold Feeder Bins

Continuous feeder bins are always in a group of 4 to 6 relying on the different size of plant requirements and different aggregates in need.

Rotary Drum

There are 2 situations when discussing rotary drum from LUTON. Continuous asphalt plant in LUTON has single drum and double drum.

For the single drum asphalt plant, the drum performs as a dryer and mixer combo. The first part of drum dries the aggregates and the other part of the drum equipped with chains helps blend the mixture.

For the double drum asphalt plants, the aggregates are dried at the first drum and then mixed at the second drum.

Water Filter

Dust or gas with dust sucks through the waterfall inside of the water filter once they are in contact with water, and then sinks down into the basin.

Anyway, the water dust collector is able to gather about 92% of dust in average.

Note: Elevator and the batch mix tower are not included in the drum hot mix plants.

If you change sites from places to places too often, mobile hot mix plants helps a lot, reducing the transportation cost and installation time. Both types of HMA plants are equipped with chassis for high mobility. 

In addition, you can customize whatever you want. We also provide you with the best suited plan about asphalt production machines.

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