Continuous vs Batch Asphalt Plant

The asphalt plant is basically categorized as two main types: the continuous and batch asphalt plant based on production technology. This article aims to discuss the continuous vs batch asphalt plant to help you choose the suitable machines.

continuous type asphalt mixing plant

The Continuous asphalt plant is the plant that heating and drying of the cold aggregate and the stirring of mixture are continuously carried out in the same drum. Based on the aggregate flow and flame direction, the continuous plant includes the parallel flow drum hot mix plant and the counter flow asphalt mixing plant.

1. Parallel Flow Plant

Parallel flow means the direction of the flame is parallel with that of the aggregate flow. Due to the parallel flow asphalt plant causes loss of heat during the aggregate heating.

2. Counterflow Drum Mix Plant

Counterflow drum mix plant has its burner installed at the opposite to the aggregate entrance. The drying and heating effect is good, the residual water content of the finished product is small, so it’s  welcomed.

stationary asphalt batching plant

Batch asphalt mix plant is the plant that the production of asphalt mixture is carried out batch by batch. And the drying and heating of cold aggregate and mixing of mixture are respectively carried out in the drum dryer and mixer.

Continuous vs. Batch Asphalt Plant

Here is a comparison table to help you acquire their differences in a short time.

Continuous FeedBatch Feed
Output (TPH)20-8040-320
MixerDrum mixerTwin shaft mixer
Dust RemovalWater dust collectorGravity filter and baghouse collector
ScreenNoVibrating screen
Production EfficacyExcellentExcellent
Fuel ConsumptionLowRelatively high
MaintenanceEasyRelatively difficult
Quality of Finished ProductsRelatively interiorSuperior
Aggregate WeighingRoughPrecise
OccupancySmall footprintRelatively large
Other Features1. No interruption in the production cycle

2. Aggregate drying and mixing takes place in the same drum

3. No elevator and mixer
1. Produce finished products in batches every 40-45 seconds

2. High flexibility in the production cycle, able to adjust the parameters during processing

Differences In Other Aspects

Want more detailed information? Let’s start!

1. Mixer

Continuous asphalt plant is equipped with a drum mixer, which uses double chain coupling and anti-skid plate to make aggregates mixed. While the batch asphalt plant is equipped with a horizontal mixer, which is designed with double shaft and double helix. Thus it has the stronger and more powerful mixing capacity.

2. Quality of Finished Products

In the batch asphalt plant, the mixer blends the materials in batches. After accurate weighing and screening, the hot mixtures are more even. 

Regarding to the continuous mix plant, without the screening and weighing process, the hot mixtures are dried and mixed at a constant processing value. So its finished products are not as good as that of batch type.

3. Cost

Because of no elevator or mixing tower, the continuous asphalt plant cost including purchase and maintenance is lower than that of the batching asphalt plant.

4. Application

The continuous asphalt mixing plant is more suitable for job sites such as low-grade road and county-level road construction.

Batch asphalt mix plant is the optimal choice for job sites that requires high quality asphalt mixture such as expressways, coastal ports and jumbo airports.