Counterflow Asphalt Plant

counterflow asphalt drum plant for saleLUTON counterflow asphalt plant shows complete combustion of cold aggregates, avoiding a 95% of unnecessary heat loss.

Less fuel consumption and better quality of finished products, counterflow asphalt plant should be in your top list.

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LUTON Group ensures all export standards are met and has been awarded various certificates and patents like the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, CE, BV certificates.

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LTS-20 Counterflow Drum Asphalt Plant Exporting to Philippines

counterflow asphalt drum plant exporting to Philippines
 bitumen drum mixing plant to Philippines
stationary counterflow asphalt plant to Philippines
portable counterflow asphalt plant to Philippines

How They Rate Us?

“Less waste and less heat loss, LUTON LTS-20 counter flow asphalt mixing plant has a better performance in producing high quality asphalt mixture. Really great for our small road construction and patching projects.”

What Is Counterflow Asphalt Plant?

Counterflow asphalt plant, like the traditional parallel flow asphalt mixing plant, is a type of machinery used to manufacture hot mix. The 2 types of plants share the same working process.

The unique difference between the parallel flow asphalt plant and counter flow asphalt plant is the position of the aggregates flow and the burner.

The counterflow technology means the flow of the aggregates is opposite to that of the burner, which ensures the maximum combustion of cold aggregates.

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Low Heat Loss

The burner is at the opposite end of the flow of aggregates. This means the aggregates can get dried since they enter the drum. More heating time, less heat loss (due to the movement from feeding port towards the burner flame).

Less Fuel Consumption

The temperature of the drying drum is adjustable. Together with the longer time and complete drying of cold aggregates (than parallel flow drum asphalt plant), fuel consumption is low.

Less Dust, Less Waste and Better Mix Quality

When cold aggregates move towards the flame, the dust decreases and even in zero. Most dust eliminated, less waste produced, the asphalt mixture is in higher quality.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Due to the dust removal at the feeding port, there are less dust in the drum, making cleanliness and maintenance much more convenient and easier.

Get Different Types of Counterflow Drum Asphalt Plant Equipment

LUTON is devoted to manufacturing continuous counterflow asphalt mixing plant, combining durability with portability and high productivity.

We offer 3 types of counterflow asphalt production machine: single drum, double drum, drum with mixer either in stationary or mobile form.

Single Drum

The single drum works as a dryer and mixer combo.

Its inside is divided into 2 parts. The burner separate the whole drum.

The first half of the drum functions as a dryer. (Still, the burner is at the opposite direction of feeding entrance.)

After drying, these aggregates are passed into the last half of the drum to get mixed.

Single Drum and Mixer

Single drum and mixer exists as same as the single drum machines in the shape. The difference lies in its inside.

LUTON offered single drum and mixer designs with burner which is at the opposite end of the feeding inlet.

The drum heats and mixes the aggregates at the same time.

Double Drum

The double drum is similar with the single drum, featuring the separate heating and mixing zone.

What double drum differentiates from single drum is the drying parts and mixing parts finish its job with 2 separate inline drums respectively.

Mobile or Stationary

Both single drum and double drum machines can be mounted on the mobile chassis.

If you have a fixed job site, choosing stationary counter flow drum mixing plant. If your construction sites is shifting often, get mobile drum asphalt plant.

Counter Flow vs Parallel Flow Asphalt Drum Plant

Counter FlowParallel Flow
Quality of Finished ProductsBetterGood
Direction of the Flame and Aggregates FlowAdverse currentCo current
Fuel ConsumptionLowerLow
Drying and MixingHappens in the separate drumsHappens in the same drum
Temperature ControlAdjustableNon-adjustable
DustAlmost zeroLess if control correctly

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Able to reduce the heat loss, LUTON counterflow asphalt plant is capable of producing high quality asphalt plant with less waste. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us today!