Maintenance of Asphalt Mixing Plant

maintenance of asphalt mixing plant

The asphalt mixing plant works in the open air, with great dust pollution. Besides, many parts work at the high temperature of 140-160℃, and each shift lasts 12-14 hours. Therefore, the daily maintenance is related to the normal operation and service life of the equipment.  Next, Lutong group will introduce the maintenance of asphalt mixing plant in detail.

The daily maintenance of asphalt mixing plant includes shift inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection, semi-annual inspection, annual inspection, etc. The article analyzes the main contents from six aspects.

Shift Inspection

After every 8-10 hours of operation of the asphalt mixer, it needs to be maintained from the following aspects:

Lubricate relevant equipment according to the lubrication table.

Inspect the vibrating screen according to the maintenance instructions.

Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the gas pipeline to determine whether there is any leakage, and handle it in time if any.

Check the congestion of the feed pipe.

Clean the control room thoroughly.

Clean the discharge door after the equipment is shut down.

Check the tightness of nuts and bolts in the equipment.

Weekly Inspection

When the equipment runs for more than 50-60 hours, the specific inspection contents include the following aspects:

Lubricate the equipment.

Check the wear degree of the conveyor belt, and replace it if necessary.

Observe the oil quality and level in the driving device of mixing cylinder, and lubricate if necessary.

Check the tightness of the bolts of the hot material elevator and adjust the position of the grid plate to facilitate the feeding of hot aggregate.

Look over whether the induced draft fan is blocked by dust to avoid bearing wear caused by dust blocking the fan.

Check the gearbox and inject lubricating oil according to the instructions if necessary.

Check the abrasion degree of the vibrating screen, and replace it if necessary.

Check the wear degree of the internal scraper of the dryer drum, and check the wear of the drive coupling and thrust wheel of the dryer drum.

Check the wear of mixing arm, blade, shaft seal and other components of mixing cylinder, and replace them if necessary.

Check whether the asphalt spray pipe is smooth.

Monthly Inspection

The inspection contents to be carried out for the mixing plant every 200 ~ 250 hours of operation include:

Carry out equipment lubrication according to the lubrication table.

Check the tightness and wear degree of the hopper, chain and bolts of the hot material elevator.

Replace the sealing packing equipment in the powder conveyor.

Comprehensively clean the induced draft fan blades, check whether there is rust on the impeller, and check the tightness of the blade foot bolts.

Check the wear degree of the thermometer.

Check whether the material level indicator in the silo is normal.

Check the accuracy of thermocouple and thermometer on the equipment site.

Check the asphalt three-way valve to avoid valve leakage. 

Quarterly Inspection

The specific inspection contents to be carried out every 200 ~ 250 hours of operation include:

Check the wear degree inside the hopper of the hot material elevator and the wear degree of the discharge door, and replace it if necessary.

Check the wear degree of the screen bearing seat, support spring and other parts of the vibrating screen, and make adjustment and replacement.

Semi-annual Inspection

Lubricate relevant equipment according to the lubrication table.

Replace the blades, bearings and lubricating grease of mixing cylinder.

Replace lubricating oil and Maintain the whole asphalt mixing plant and motor.

Annual Inspection

Thoroughly clean the gear box and gear unit, replace lubricating oil and fill the corresponding lubricating cup with lubricating oil.

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