Asphalt Drum Mixer


asphalt drum mixer for saleAsphalt drum mixer from LUTON Group are categorized as drying drum, mixing drum, heating and blending drum.

Any type of drum shows 20%-30% higher heating or mixing efficiency than its counterparts.

LUTON is devoted ourselves to provide state-of-the-art equipment and first-ranking service.


1. For asphalt batching plant, drum plays a role in heating aggregates.

2. In continuous asphalt mixing plant, the rotary drum is to remove the moisture of the aggregates and mix them with bitumen and mineral filler material.

3. Regarding to the double drum asphalt plant, one drum is for drying aggregates and the other is for mixing.

Why Choose LUTON Asphalt Drum Mixer?

1. Keeps Quantity of Heat

LUTON drum dryer is designed with an external thermal insulation barrier. Together with the stainless steel structure, the drum is bound to maintain the heat inside of the dryer.

2. Reasonable Build

In case of the heat loss, except for the stainless steel structure and the thermal barrier, our drum and the burner adopts the counterflow heating technology.

That means, the position of the burner is opposite to the flow of the aggregates.

In this way, the flame spreads or radiates materials more completely than the traditional parallel flow heating methods.

3. Works Smoothly

When the drum turns clockwise, it is ready to be fed aggregates. Whilst, it discharges the materials when the drum rotates anti-clockwise.

All the operation is easy and can be controlled in the control room.

4. Blends Thoroughly

In the drum type hot mix plant, the inner drum is equipped with several blades which use boiler steel plate and are fixed with bolts.

This structure benefits much in asphalt concrete production. Make sure a complete mixing ability, long service time and easy maintenance.

5. Keeps Stability During Production

Both drying drum and mixing drum is equipped with 4 rollers. These 4 wheel drive system guarantees a stable production and low noise.

Besides, the roller and roller shaft are all made of stainless alloy for the sake for long lifespan and wear resistance.

6. Supports with Multiple Fuel

The burner is able to be powered by multi fuel, heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, burning coal, etc.

Choose burning coal if you have a short budget.

7. High Mobility Available

To add portability, the drum is allowed to be mounted on a chassis with a long axle. Therefore, the drum can be towed by a trailer truck.


ModelOutputDryer SizeDryer CapacityFuel Consumption
LB50040 TPHφ1.2m × 5.2m60 TPH70-300 kg/h
LB80060 TPHφ1.5m × 6m80 TPH100-400 kg/h
LB100080 TPHφ1.5m × 6.7m100 TPH120-600 kg/h
LB1200100 TPHφ1.65m × 7m120 TPH150-1000 kg/h
LB1500120 TPHφ1.8m × 8m140 TPH150-1000 kg/h
LB2000160 TPHφ2.2m × 9m180 TPH150-1400 kg/h
LB2500200 TPHφ2.6m × 9m240 TPH180-1800 kg/h
LB3000240 TPHφ2.6m × 9.5m260 TPH180-1800 kg/h
LB4000320 TPHφ2.8m × 10.2m360 TPH260-2500 kg/h

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