Top 10 Advantages of Mobile Asphalt Plant

LBD20 mobile asphalt mixing plant

Model: LBD20

Capacity: 20m3/h

LBD40 mobile asphalt plant

Model: LBD40

Capacity: 40m3/h

LBD60  asphalt mixing plant

Model: LBD60

Capacity: 60m3/h

LBD80 mobile asphalt plant

Model: LBD80

Capacity: 80m3/h

The mobile asphalt plant refers to the plant which is equipped with tires and can move from one place to another. And it has advantages of the convenient mobility, modular design, fast installation and relocation and other features. The top 10 advantages of the mobile asphalt plant in this article will be presented as below. 


The  LUTON mobile asphalt plant including mobile batching asphalt plant and mobile drum asphalt plant, is the best choice when the construction site needs to be changed frequently without affecting production schedule.

Modular Structures

The every module is separate from each other, so it’s convenient to dismantle and install.

Few Foundation Laying Requirements

Equipped with the mobile chassis, it is easy to install, disassemble and move, therefore it has low requirements for the foundation.

Fast and Easy Installation

The mobile hot mix plant takes less time than stationary asphalt mixing plant to install. Generally, it takes 3-5 days to assemble a mobile asphalt plant.

Quick Adjustment

It takes 4-5 days to startup a mobile plant, so it means that you can start your business in the first week.

Enough Flexibility

Whether in cities or scenic resorts, the equipment can integrate with the local environment.

Cost Effective

Featured by the low installation cost, low transportation cost, low foundation laying cost, low maintenance and low cleaning cost, so the mobile asphalt mixing plant is a valuable investment.

Long Service Life

High strength wear-resistant materials are used to improve the service life.

High Quality Finished Products

The secondary measurement and screening of LUTON portable batch asphalt mixing plant ensure the scientificity and accuracy of grading, so the finished products are of high quality.

Selectable Dust Filter

LUTON mobile asphalt plant has several dust collectors to select – water filter, gravity dust filter, cyclone filter and baghouse dust filter. For better dust and gas emission control, you can customize a baghouse filter.

About Luton

As a leading asphalt equipment manufacturer in China with more than 20 years of exporting experience, Lutong sells various asphalt plant equipment such as stationary asphalt mixing plant, mobile asphalt mixing plant, drum type asphalt mixing plant, batching asphalt mixing plant and so on. Luton’s products have won the trust and favor of overseas customers with advanced technology, excellent quality, exquisite design, reasonable price and perfect service, and have won remarkable reputation in overseas regions. Up to now, Luton asphalt plants have been sold to many countries, such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, Nepal, etc.

If you are seeking for a suitable mobile asphalt plant for your construction project, contact to us and we provide you with the ideal product and considerate service.

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