Asphalt Premix Plant

asphalt premix plant priceAsphalt premix plant from LUTON Group produces almost 0 waste material, ensuring excellent quality hot asphalt mixture.

Enhancing 30% of efficacy means you contractors get finished products much quicker and rather better.

More than 20,000 sales witnesses our strength and expertise.

Low cost and custom service, why not buy your asphalt hot mix plant today?

LUTON Asphalt Premix Plant for Road and Bridge Construction

Batching Bitumen Mixing Plant

Adjustable parameters on each component means a better control of the producing environment, ensuring exceptional finished products for civil road work.

stationary portable asphalt batching plant for fixed job sites
mobile compact asphalt batching hot mix plants
ModelsLB500 ~ LB4000; YLB800 ~ YLB2000
Production Capacity (t/h)40 ~ 320
Hopper Capacity (m3)4 x 4.5 m3 ~ 6 x 15 m3
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h)60 ~ 360
Fuel Consumption (kg/h)70 ~ 2500
Vibrating Screen (Layer)4 ~ 6
Aggregate Metering Hopper (kg)500 ~ 4000
Mineral Flour Metering Hopper (kg)120 ~ 700
Mixer Capacity500 ~ 4000
Cycle Time (s)45
Bitumen Metering Hopper (kg)100 ~ 500
Dryer Capacity (t/h)60 ~ 360
Filter Area (m2)230 ~ 1350
Total Power (kW)170 ~ 865

Drum Hot Mix Plant

Continuous working mode and modular design, LUTON drum tar mixing plant is portable and can manufacture large amount of asphalt mixture in a specified time.

continuous drum asphalt mixing plant
mobile drum hot mix machine to Afghan
ModelsLTD-20 ~ LTD-80; LTDY-20 ~ LTDY-80
Production Capacity (t/h)20 ~ 80
Fuel Power Total Power (kW)34 ~ 135
Fuel Coal Total Power (kW) 40 ~ 165
Aggregate Bin3.5 m3 x 1 ~ 6.5 m3 x 4
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin (t)3 ~ 7
Asphalt Temperature (℃)120 ~ 180
Fuel Oil Consumption (kg/t)5 ~ 7.5
Fuel Coal Consumption (kg/t) 13 ~ 15
Asphalt Tank (t)10 ~ 30
Control Room (m)2.2 ~ 3

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How LUTON Is Highly Praised?

“Very happy with the quality of finished products LUTON asphalt plant machines manufactured.

The equipment works very smooth and really suits our municipal road construction.

In a whole, it is a great buy. Simple operated machine with effective production efficiency.”

– Taysir Harbi from Algeria

“Nothing beats asphalt batching plant. Beyond expectation, LUTON asphalt batch plant is precise, automatic controlled, highly efficient.

If you are looking for a portable asphalt batching plant like me, then buy YLB-800.”

– Morgan Durgan from Kuwait

Get LUTON Asphalt Mixing Plant Equipment Types

LUTON asphalt concrete plant is categorized as batching hot mix plant, drum plant and reclaimed plant.

Batching Asphalt Plant

LUTON asphalt batching plant

LUTON asphalt batching plant works in a batch mode, meaning you can get a batch of finished products every 45 seconds.

Output: 40 t/h to 320 t/h

Included Systems: Aggregate feeding system, drying system, dust collecting system, vibrating screen system, weighing system, mixing system, bitumen storage system, filling material supply system and control system.


1. It is ideal for the work sites in any scale.

2. Can be the first choice for the municipal and civil road and bridge construction projects.

3. Great for the port, parking lots and airport work jobs.

4. Works great for the high-grade road construction projects.


1. Accurate weighing system for bitumen, filling material and aggregates scale.

2. Flexible adjustment of component parameters.

3. Premium finished products.

4. Mandatory batching blending guarantees the strong mixing capacity.

5. 2 levels of dust catching system ensures a better control of pollution.

Drum Type Hot Mix Plant

mobile asphalt drum mixing plant for sale

Drum type hot mix plant is capable of producing hot asphalt mixture in a continuous mode.

Simplified structure, modular design, simple operation, drum asphalt mixing plant is the first option for contractors who have a relatively low budget and small production area.

Output: 20 t/h to 80 t/h

Included Systems: Aggregate feeding system, drying and mixing system, dust collecting system, bitumen supply system, filling material supply system and control system.


1. Small and medium road construction and patching.

2. Work sites that are in need of large volume of hot asphalt mixture in a certain time.

3. Good for the rural construction projects.


1. Restless production means a faster and continuous production compared with batching asphalt plant.

2. Drying and mixing aggregates happens in the rotary drum at the same time reduces the fuel consumption.

3. No mixer and elevator simplify the whole system, making the maintenance and cleaning much easier.

4. Relatively low initial investment.

5. Less occupancy.

Recycled Asphalt Mixing Plant

reclaimed asphalt mixing plant

Recycled asphalt plant is a type of equipment that can produce hot asphalt mixture from reclaimed asphalt and virgin materials.

Both batching plant and drum type plant can work with RAP components.


1. Make full use of old paving materials.

2. Rotary drum placed on the top reduces less heat loss.

3. LUTON reclaimed asphalt machine reach the 100% using ratio.

Safely Use Asphalt Mixing Plant

Check Aggregate Moisture Water Content and Finished Products

To keep the equipment in good condition, there should be quipped with a mineral water content detector and a finished producs laboratory apparatus.

Check these data frequently in order to get a better control of the machine specification and aggregate proportion.

Add Sheds for Aggregate Stockpiles

The increased moisture content of the mineral material affects the production efficiency and increase the fuel consumption.

Check Components

Before operation, check all the working parts and accessories. Exclude all the problems out before working.

Monitor the Production Process

After normal ignition, monitor whether the dust collector works normally (to ensure the rotary drum burner under negative pressure).

After the startup of the production, pay much attention to watch whether the hot aggregate bucket elevator and the mixer function properly (to coordinate the operation with other parts).

Change the Circulating Water Regularly

If you use water dust filter, add neutralizer to the water and replace circulating water regularly. Because the sulfur contained in the dust gas changes purified water to acidified water, causing corrosion to metals.

Get Answers from LUTON

1. How Should I Stop Asphalt Mixing Machines?

Step 1: Stop feeding when you are ready to complete the production.

Step 2: Turn off the burner gradually.

Step 3: Clean the mixer by hot fine particles and then drain these particles in the drum dryer and the mixer.

Step 4: Once the temperature of the rotary drum drops to 45-50 ℃, stop the drum dryer, blower and dust catcher.

Step 5: Cut off the main power supply in the control room.

2. What Are the Requirements of the Routine Maintenance?

  • Check the temperature and lubrication condition of all bearings.
  • Test whether there is a leakage in compressed air hose.
  • Check if there are aggregate blocks.
  • Empty the pugmill and clean the discharge door after stopping the whole production process.

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