What Is a Baghouse in Asphalt Plant?

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What Is a Baghouse in Asphalt Plant? A baghouse, that is also known under multiple variations of its name, such as a baghouse filter, bag filter, or fabric filter, is a device that controls the level of air pollution control and also has the function to collect dust and to … Read more

Continuous vs Batch Asphalt Plant

continuous vs batch asphalt mixing plant

Continuous vs Batch Asphalt Plant The asphalt plant is basically categorized as two main types: the continuous and batch asphalt plant based on production technology. This article aims to discuss the continuous vs batch asphalt plant to help you choose the suitable machines. The Continuous asphalt plant is the plant … Read more

Advantages of Mobile Asphalt Plant

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Top 10 Advantages of Mobile Asphalt Plant The mobile asphalt plant refers to the plant which is equipped with tires and can move from one place to another. And it has advantages of the convenient mobility, modular design, fast installation and relocation and other features. The top 10 advantages of … Read more

Asphalt Batch Plant vs Drum Plant

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Asphalt Batch Plant vs Drum Plant Asphalt mixing plant is a group of component machines to produce hot asphalt mixture through the process of feeding, heating, screening and mixing. In terms of road construction, the batch plant and drum plant are two basic asphalt mixing plants.┬áProminently, the processing plant can … Read more

Types of Asphalt Plant

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Types of Asphalt Plant How many types of asphalt plant are there? Based on the mixing methods, asphalt mix plant is divided into batch type and drum type. From the perspective of mobility, asphalt plant is categorized as stationary and mobile type. According to production capacity, asphalt mixing plant consists … Read more