Drum Type Asphalt Mix Plant

As one of the two basic asphalt plants, the drum type asphalt mix plant is characterized by compact structure, convenient operation, rapid installation and relocation, relatively low cost, high productivity, etc. It is mainly used for small and medium-sized road construction and some remote mountain road construction projects that do … Read more

Drum Type Hot Mix Plant

Drum Type Hot Mix Plant LUTON drum type hot mix plant improves 50% of portability (compared with batch type) and lessens 35% of the fuel consumption. Drum asphalt mixing plant from LUTON is able to be made in both stationary and mobile models. Get mobile ones for shifting sites, if … Read more

Counterflow Asphalt Plant

Counterflow Asphalt Plant LUTON counterflow asphalt plant shows complete combustion of cold aggregates, avoiding a 95% of unnecessary heat loss. Less fuel consumption and better quality of finished products, counterflow asphalt plant should be in your top list. Get your plant now! Quality Certificates Enjoy LUTON Considerate Service Fast Delivery … Read more

Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant LUTON mini asphalt drum mix plant, with a constant production, come up to the standards of all small work sites. The output can be 20 t/h to 40 t/h, easy to use and portable to move. Continuous feed makes the production time shortened by 54% … Read more

Double Drum Asphalt Plant

Double Drum Asphalt Plant LUTON double drum asphalt plant has the higher efficiency and a longer service life. Also it has the advantages such as low loss of heat and 95% dust removal. You deserve it at once! Models: LTS 10~30, LYS 10~30 Prosper Your Business with LUTON Double Drum … Read more

DM50 Hot Mix Plant

dm50 hot mix plant

DM50 Hot Mix Plant The DM50 hot mix plant is a drum type asphalt mixing plant with a capacity of 60 t/h to 90 t/h. As the drum is fully coated with the stainless steel and equipped with the SMS automatic control panel, DM-50 asphalt mixing plant is timeproof and … Read more

Drum Asphalt Plant for Sale

drum bitumen mix plant for sale

Drum Asphalt Plant for Sale LUTON has drum asphalt plant for sale. Our drum type hot mix plant is able to implement the continuous production, 37% higher efficiency than its counterparts, with the compact design, saving 20% of production area. Luton has sold over 1,500 machines overseas. Own your drum … Read more

Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant Without the mixing tower or any elevator, LUTON asphalt drum mixing plant will save your energy on operation and your cost on the equipment investment… Continuous working ensures you manufacturing 10t to 80t asphalt concrete per hour. Own a LUTON asphalt plant for your small and … Read more