Hot Mix Plant Parts

The Structure of the Bitiminus Plant The asphalt mixing plant consists of cold aggregate feed bin, belt conveyor, dust catcher, drum dryer, filler elevator, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, hot aggregate bin, mixer, light oil burner, heat conducting oil boiler, bitumen tank and control room. Well the following is the … Read more

Asphalt Mixer Machine

twin shaft asphalt mixer machine

Asphalt Mixer Machine Homogenous and stable mixing, powerful mixing capacity and low consumption, LUTON asphalt mixer machine is a great buy for contractors who take part in asphalt manufacturing. LUTON asphalt drum mixer is categorized as 2 types, drum mixer and twin shaft pugmill. Both mixer machines are excel at … Read more

Asphalt Plant Components

Asphalt Plant Components The asphalt plant is a type of machinery that consists of cold aggregate supply system, drying system, dust collecting system, batching and mixing tower, filler supply system, bitumen supply system and control system. Durable materials and competitive price are the areas where LUTON state-of-the-art equipment shines and … Read more

Asphalt Plant Baghouse

Asphalt Plant Baghouse High dust removal capacity, smart temperature control system, durable fiber filter bags, LUTON asphalt plant baghouse is exceptional and works perfectly in job sites. Able to control the dusty emission within 20 mg/Nm3, our asphalt plant baghouse is ultra environmentally friendly. Specifications Model Baghouse Filtering Exhaust Fan … Read more

Asphalt Drum Mixer

asphalt drum mixer for sale

Asphalt Drum Mixer   Asphalt drum mixer from LUTON Group are categorized as drying drum, mixing drum, heating and blending drum. Any type of drum shows 20%-30% higher heating or mixing efficiency than its counterparts. LUTON is devoted ourselves to provide state-of-the-art equipment and first-ranking service. Functions 1. For asphalt … Read more

Asphalt Plant Drum Dryer

asphalt drum dryer

Asphalt Plant Drum Dryer High efficient, low consumption and less pollution, LUTON asphalt plant drum dryer is a great buy for contractors. LUTON asphalt plant drum drying system is composed of drum dryer, combustion burner and fuel hopper. Our drying drum also performs well in RAP mixing plant. Contact us … Read more

Cold Feed Bins

cold aggregate feed bin

Cold Feed Bins Smart system, frequency controlled, modular design, LUTON cold feed bins are effective in production and convenient in transport. LUTON cold aggregate feeding system is composed of 1-4 cold feeder bins, feeder belt and colleting belt. The outstanding feature is smooth aggregate feeding and low fuel consumption. Customize … Read more

Batching Machine

cold aggregate feed bin

Batching Machine   The aggregate batching machine is the first component of all plants used for feeding cold aggregates in different sizes and grades. The cold aggregate supply system is composed of 2-4 hoppers and collecting belt. Durable structure, wear-resistant cover, LUTON aggregate batching container is a great buy. What … Read more