Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

bitumen hot mix plant for sale

Bitumen Hot Mix Plant The LUTON bitumen hot mix plant maximizes the production efficiency by at least 42% and decreases the budget by 20%. Batch mixing and continuous mixing meets all sorts of asphalt mixture requirements. Exceptional output, premium quality asphalt mixture, low cost, LUTON bitumen hot mix plant is … Read more

Hot Mix Plant Price

Hot Mix Plant Price LUTON hot mix plant price (from $20,000) varies depending on the plant size, plant type and components, etc. LUTON is a seasonal manufacturer who has a 22-year exporting experience. Sold over 100 countries overseas, like Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos and Pakistan, LUTON is a reliable manufacturer … Read more

Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Mobile Hot Mix Plant Mobile hot mix plant, with chassis mounted on each module, increases 90% of portability and mobility. LUTON mobile asphalt mixing plant is quiet the optimal choice for contractors who need frequently to shift job sites. Over 10,000 mobile bitumen mixing machines exported to overseas proves LUTON … Read more

Portable Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Portable Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Small in size and capacity, LUTON portable hot mix asphalt plant is fast in installation and convenient in relocation. Saving 59% of production space, increasing 67% of mobility, LUTON is suitable for small construction sites. Sold about 1,000 portable asphalt hot mix plants proves LUTON … Read more

Recycled Asphalt Plant

Recycled Asphalt Plant LUTON recycled asphalt plant is able to make 100% use of reclaimed asphalt pavement materials. Under the temperature of  120℃ ~ 130℃, the RAP can keep well in its nature. LUTON RAP asphalt plant adopts special technology that can manufacture good quality finished products with recycled asphalt … Read more

Small Asphalt Plant

Small Asphalt Plant LUTON small asphalt plant saves 57% of your production space and 42% of your cost. Small capacity and compact structure make the small asphalt mixing plant definitely fit for road construction projects with the capacity of 10 t/h to 80 t/h. The past 22 years have witnessed … Read more

Mini Portable Asphalt Plant

Mini Portable Asphalt Plant LUTON mini portable asphalt plant, with a capacity of 10 t/h to 40 t/h, is suitable for small road construction and rehabilitation. Our small hot mix plant is easy to move, saving 57% of time in installation, dismantlement and transportation. Get small portable bitumen mix plant … Read more

Asphalt Production Plant

Asphalt Production Plant LUTON asphalt production plant, with rust-proofing coating and strong mixing capacity, boasts long lifespan and high quality finished production of hot asphalt mixture. Improving 38% of efficiency and 57% of asphalt concrete quality, LUTON asphalt production plant is perfect for all levels of road and bridge construction … Read more

Asphalt Concrete Plant

Asphalt Concrete Plant LUTON asphalt concrete plant, with an output of 10 t/h to 320 t/h, is applicable to all sorts of road construction projects. 39% higher of the efficiency and 20% lower of the cost than our counterparts, LUTON asphalt concrete mixing plant is your top priority. We have … Read more

Mini Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Mini Mobile Hot Mix Plant With a simple structure and a mobile chassis, the LUTON mini mobile hot mix plant cuts 53% cost but improves 69% movement efficiency among sites. The capacity of the mini mobile hot mix plant is 10 t/h to 40 t/h, which performs well on the … Read more