Drum Type Asphalt Mix Plant

As one of the two basic asphalt plants, the drum type asphalt mix plant is characterized by compact structure, convenient operation, rapid installation and relocation, relatively low cost, high productivity, etc. It is mainly used for small and medium-sized road construction and some remote mountain road construction projects that do … Read more

Hot Mix Plant Parts

The Structure of the Bitiminus Plant The asphalt mixing plant consists of cold aggregate feed bin, belt conveyor, dust catcher, drum dryer, filler elevator, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, hot aggregate bin, mixer, light oil burner, heat conducting oil boiler, bitumen tank and control room. Well the following is the … Read more

Fixed Asphalt Plant

fixed asphalt plant for sale

Fixed Asphalt Plant LUTON fixed asphalt plant boasts of large output, compact structure and precise systems. 99.5% of precision, 99.9% of material utilization ratio, and capacity of 10 t/h to 160 t/h, LUTON stationary asphalt mixing plant is a great option for the small and medium scale road construction. Reach … Read more

Asphalt Static Plant

asphalt static plant for sale

Asphalt Static Plant Asphalt static plant from LUTON Group boasts wide range of production capacity, 20 t/h to 320 t/h, so it’s ideal for any scale of projects. Improve 30% of efficiency, narrow 23% of cost with LUTON stationary asphalt mixing plants. Having sold over 1,000 bitumen mix plants overseas, … Read more

Relocatable Asphalt Plants

relocatable asphalt plant for sale

Relocatable Asphalt Plants Relocatable asphalt plants from LUTON Group achieves a great balance of convenience and budget. 37% higher enhancement in mobility, 25% lower in cost, LUTON mobile type hot mix plant is a positive option for contractors who require frequent site relocation. Cost-efficient, energy-saving and available in various models, … Read more

Asphalt Processing Plant

asphalt processing plant for sale

Asphalt Processing Plant LUTON asphalt processing plant shows great adaptability to the construction sites in any scale. 10 t/h to 320 t/h capacity, high efficient, competitive price and premium finished products, asphalt mixing plants from LUTON Group sold over 100 countries overseas. Reach out to us for detailed information and … Read more

Asphalt Plant Cost

asphalt plant cost

Asphalt Plant Cost Asphalt plant cost from LUTON Group is competitive. High efficient, custom design, competitive price, LUTON machines are best suited for any sorts of construction projects. Generally, you can make large profits in 5 years with LUTON equipment. Narrow your cost by at least 15% with LUTON drum … Read more

Reclaimed Asphalt Plant for Sale

reclaimed asphalt plant for sale

Reclaimed Asphalt Plant for Sale LUTON reclaimed asphalt plant for sale is capable of producing the high quality finished products by using the old paving materials. Utilization of recycling asphalt up to 100%, LUTON recycled asphalt mix plant is first-class and high efficient machines with the competitive price. With less … Read more

Asphalt Premix Plant

asphalt premix plant price

Asphalt Premix Plant Asphalt premix plant from LUTON Group produces almost 0 waste material, ensuring excellent quality hot asphalt mixture. Enhancing 30% of efficacy means you contractors get finished products much quicker and rather better. More than 20,000 sales witnesses our strength and expertise. Low cost and custom service, why not … Read more

Drum Type Hot Mix Plant

Drum Type Hot Mix Plant LUTON drum type hot mix plant improves 50% of portability (compared with batch type) and lessens 35% of the fuel consumption. Drum asphalt mixing plant from LUTON is able to be made in both stationary and mobile models. Get mobile ones for shifting sites, if … Read more